An Experience
That Inspires
Informed Decisions

Validate Borrower
Assets with Instant
Account Verification

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Welcome to Ibbie

Providing Lenders with Instant
and up-to-date bank statements

Real-time Access

Receive real-time access to account information from thousands of financial insititutions through a 4 step process

User Experience

Easy to digest visuals help make decisions at-a-glance


We allow for a seamleass incorporation into the lender's existing loan origination software

Recent Transaction Review

Review recent transactions to make informed risk decisions

Keep The Borrower Engaged Throughout the Loan Process

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About Ibbie

Ibbie is a technology company that provides consumer-permissioned data to banks, lenders and other financial institutions to help them with real-time, secure verifications. We are focused on reducing friction and improving the consumer’s experience through digital technology.

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About Ibbie


Your customer's security is our highest priority. We provide a secure and simple connection for the consumer to authorize the transmission of their financial banking information.